Aug 5, 2009

PETA Kills Huh?

So the other day while exiting Trader Joe's, I was approached by a member of the Greenpeace organization. I must surely have written on my forehead "come waste my time." I'll say this girl was relentless. She did not let me go once I answered a single question "do you care for the environment?" How else am I, as an avid fly fisherman with love for nature, suppose to answer otherwise? Anyhow, this girl sure could sell. If I were her I'd get a sales job and make the money to contribute that way. I could just picture her on the phone annoying the heck out of me as a telemarketer, and getting me to dish out $40-50 for junk I could do with out.

So recalling the encounter with the relentless girl, I recalled another infamous group P.E.T.A. So I figured I would check in to see what silly things they have been stirring up lately. Low and behold I come across this photo below. Heck I know her, she's that now famous movie star that I went to school with. For an extremist group I am not fond of, I sure can't deny their advertisement. I wonder if any of the beautiful women that P.E.T.A. finds for these types of advertisement and some interesting protests, understands that P.E.T.A. has killed animals, and are totally just a bunch of silly contradicting extremist with nothing better to do but cry and moan and disrupt our days with annoying protests.

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